“Sponsor a Square Foot”


Become an honorary ‘Sally’s Sous Chef’ and help us replace our kitchen floor!

Besides being immortalized in our floor and having our undying love you will receive a jar of Sally’s Secret Chili butter WITH the TOP SECRET recipe and a LIMITED EDITION ‘Sally’s Sous Chef’ apron.

Want to be a BIG SPONSOR?

If you sponsor 50 or more square feet you will receive a private Chef’s dinner for four.

Sponsor a Square Foot


As many of you may know, we had to shut down our beloved restaurant last week due to a series of unfortunate events. It all began at midnight on January 1, 2023 with the restructuring of our business. We were so excited to launch the Broad Street Ballers Holding Co.: the new umbrella company for our restaurants, Marjie’s Grill and Seafood Sally’s, and the beginning of the next chapter of our baby company. Yay for growth!! In the process of establishing the Broad Street Ballers, we changed the Sally’s LLC name from Broad Street Ballers LLC to Seafood Sally’s LLC to clean things up. It made sense to our lawyer, our accountant and to us. Sounds simple enough right? Well, WRONG… A note to small business owners everywhere: Don’t ever change your LLC name, it’s a whole lot of bullshit.

Everything was going great. We were having a busy season, all the LLC’s were functioning the way we intended and we were operating two honest tax paying restaurants filled with smiling faces. Then April rolls around and it’s time to renew our ABO license (the city liquor license) and that’s when it all begins to unravel. Dah dah dah… After a good five hours going from the first floor to the seventh floor of City Hall, then across the street to the fifth floor of the Poydras office then back to City Hall and oh wait, don’t forget about the Notary, it became clear that the new LLC name was going to be an issue. Apparently, when you change your LLC name, regardless of your tax standing or operational status, you must start from SCRATCH with all of your permits and licenses, like you never existed. The fact that we have the same FEIN and LDR numbers, and that we’ve been paying all of the many state, federal and local taxes religiously every month, and that we pass routine health inspections all the damn time is meaningless. We gotta start from scratch, and guess what… NO ONE KNOWS WHY!

Soooo… long story short, we had to start our permitting process for our legally operating 2.5 year old restaurant from the very beginning! Just when we were cruising through the new permitting process (much to our chagrin) we hit a snag with the Operational Permit. Apparently the Louisiana Health Department needed to do an OPENING Inspection, again… For those of you that don’t know, the opening inspection is the BIG one where you have to have everything up to current code in order to pass. Well, the codes have chan’ed since our initial opening inspection in May of 2021 and therefore, our kitchen floors are no longer up to code. And so, here we are.

Timing couldn’t have been worse, or maybe better, depending on who you ask. At the end of a brutally slow and hot summer filled with A/C repairs and maxing out payroll to make sure everyone has a living wage, we were at the end of our emotional and financial rope and it was time to ‘shut her down!’. It’s not forever, in fact it’s hopefully only for as few weeks as possible. Thankfully, we have an incredible team that is hard at work, a supportive community in all of you and a landlord that’s gonna help with the foundation (go figure!). So, we are breaking ground tomorrow (9-13) and can’t wait to get back at it.